What Clients Are Saying

Individual Coaching

Janet helped me a great deal organize my living space, my schedule, and my computer files. Helping me bring order to my computer files was an awesome gift.”

“Janet helped develop a clear vision of problems big and small and an understanding of the emotional element involved in decision-making–both in terms of my emotions and the emotions of those effected by my decisions. She helped me learn to clear my vision of unnecessary obstacles and emotions. In the vernacular, she ‘helped me see the whole field.'”

“Janet’s penetrating, yet friendly, method of asking questions that gradually moved me to developing my own answers to questions and solutions to problems was critical to my development. She experimented until she found a question that could move me forward in my thinking.

 After coaching with Janet I have learned that I cannot keep emotions (whether my or those of others) out of decisions, so I must overtly factor them in.

“After coaching with Janet, I feel much more in control of my life, juggling multiple priorities.”

“Being coached by Janet has been a very productive experience for me. It has made me much better at what I do. I would urge anyone to make this investment in themselves.”

“Janet’s coaching style is very warm, patient and positive. Janet is an excellent partner for a coach! She is a great listener who can tease out what you are saying to her and foster a deeper awareness for the client through her questions. Her voice is calm and encouraging. I always felt valued and appreciated as her client.”

“Janet is flexible and fluid. She listens and meets you where you are. She is not afraid to challenge you or try different tactics.”

“Janet coached me on several different potentially challenging meetings. All of which ended up being very successful because of her coaching.


Janet helped me set priorities and remain true to what is most important to me.


“Janet is a wonderful coach! I’ve been working with her for over a year now. Janet is a very good listener and provides honest and helpful feedback. She has been able to help with any issue that I’ve brought to coaching sessions. Janet makes it easy for me to discuss uncomfortable situations. I’ve been using the strategies that I’ve gained from Janet to improve my personal and professional life. The information that I’ve received from her has increased my confidence in my abilities and has changed the way that I think about information. Janet sends me motivational tips and strategies a few times a week. These spontaneous messages help me through the days and weeks. Janet really cares about me and the topics that I bring to coaching sessions, and wants me to be the best that I can be. I am a better person because of Janet!”

“I’ve learned that I must be honest with myself. I have learned not to let fear of discomfort and failure influence me. I have learned to always make time for the important and not be driven my others’ sense of urgency.

“As a result of your coaching I’ve become a different, and much better, teacher. This experience opened me to thinking about teaching differently and thinking about students differently. Thanks Janet for a great coaching experience, which I HIGHLY RECOMMEND to everyone who is striving to be a better instructor/teacher/person/etc….. tomorrow than they are today. That’s my plan!”

Janet asked good questions and encouraged me to think on where I could impact change and to look at situations from other perspectives.

Combined Individual and Group Coaching Experience

I now have tools that I can use to keep me focused on my work and have learned strategies that make me accountable to myself. Janet helped me find my own intrinsic motivation.

I feel more productive, emotionally balanced, and reflective. I really appreciate the time and effort that Dr. Hudson took to learn my ‘internal language’ and used relevant analogies and scenarios.”

“I will be better with scheduling and keeping up with tasks/to do’s. The control panel is a great tool for me. I also have started being intentional about work and what I need to get done. Journaling has really helped me grow professionally. Thanks so much Janet for the support and encouragement AND the tools.”

I feel so fortunate to have been part of this coaching opportunity!! It enabled me to move forward more productively and with confidence. Thank you, Janet, for your dedication to our group!

“The manner in which Dr. Hudson challenged me was sorely needed.”

“I will continue to revisit past resources and videos. I kept running notes of strategies to return to as well. All these insights helped me think more broadly about my personal/work style & needs and how to ready myself psychologically and holistically for my commitments. It elevated my confidence at times when I needed to push through challenges. It made me reflect and better understand my decision-making processes. Wish I could stay in the program!! I hope the COE invites others to participate. New faculty and veteran faculty alike can benefit!!! Thank you, COE, for investing in faculty members through this program!!!”

Janet’s wisdom and communication approach are tremendous!! Her knowledge, resources, and strategies are wonderful.

This coaching program helped me a lot to realize my own working habits, distractions, and the ways that I can work to make myself more productive. This was a great opportunity, I’ll keep experimenting with all the new things I learned. Thanks Janet! You’re awesome! and thanks to COE for this opportunity!”

“Because I participated in this program, I will be more strategic on managing my many tasks.”

“Very helpful overall—I have an increased level of awareness and have shifted some habits that will create productivity gains over time.”

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