What if you could end December with more energy than you begin it? Simple—stop your energy drains. Consider that your energy is drained from excess, doubt, frustration, imbalance, complaining, and stress 

Counteract those energy drains with intention and choice!


Commit to making December the month of choosing!

Your MANTRA for December

Everything I do in December I CHOOSE

  • Every special event I attend and reject—I CHOOSE
  • Every family gathering I attend and reject—I CHOOSE
  • Every additional activity I attend and reject—I CHOOSE
  • Every tradition I honor and those I reject—I CHOOSE

Want to do it ALL?

Alright! Extra special opportunities, extra special energy! When you lean toward MORE, look for the wonder, fun, satisfaction, and joy it brings.

Want to Say NO?

Go ahead! When you lean away from others’ expectations, notice and appreciate what that choice makes possible.

Be sure you like your reason for saying no thanks. Notice if you’re making that no a message that’s part of a long-standing unspoken conversation. If so, consider if that will bring YOU energy and joy? 


For each unique December “thing”: 

1. CHOOSE with intention

2. Align your intentions with your VALUES

3. When honoring your VALUES, let go of second-guessing yourself, seeking others’ praise, or dreading their disapproval

CHOOSE to make your December joyful!