Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if “inner chaos” is a challenge for me?

Inner chaos is my shorthand for uncertainty, doubt, anxiety, confusion, resistance, and fear. These are all part of the human experience. And eliminating inner chaos isn’t possible. Instead, you need life skills for taming that inner chaos!

You’ll know inner chaos is a challenge for you, not if you experience it, but if the inner chaos stalls you or gets in the way of moving forward and making the contributions you desire.

Who exactly do you coach?

Clients drawn to me love to achieve and make a difference in the world! They see needs readily, long to develop others, and say yes readily! They are generally well-educated and highly driven. They aren’t limited to any specific profession, but some of the most common are leaders in education, finance, IT, health care, and communications.

Do you offer free consultations?

Definitely! I offer a free opportunity to experience my services but it’s less of a consultation and more of a coaching conversation. You’ll understand coaching best with a taste of coaching. I offer a 1-hour Coaching Conversation.

You’ll benefit most from this opportunity if you come to the conversation with something specific to explore.


The specific thing might be an opportunity that has you excited, but you’re not sure how to proceed.

That specific thing might be a challenge that has you stuck, uncertain, overwhelmed and/or frustrated, and you’re not sure how to proceed.
The goal is for you to leave with some new insight and/or greater clarity on the next step you could take on the issue.

If perfectionism is a challenge for me but I’m not ready for a 6-month commitment, what are my options?

Let’s talk first, but you certainly can start with the 3-month Tame the Inner Chaos coaching relationship. Perfectionist tendencies tend to be long-standing and entrenched. They are stubborn and may take more time to shift. But you will absolutely benefit from the insights you gained during coaching long after the formal coaching ends. Or after 3-months you might be ready for more!

How and where do we meet?

Great specific question. We meet virtually! We will meet either by phone or video-conference—your choice. Each has advantages. Although we can’t see each other through the phone, you might be surprised by the intimacy that’s possible. With listening alone, you often have greater focused attention, less concern about appearance, and fewer distractions and technical concerns.

Are you a Certified Coach?

Indeed, I am an Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF), the leading global organization dedicated to promoting high standards in professional coaching. In addition to my core competency training and ICF certification, I have completed an Advanced Corporate Coaching Program with Coach-U, one of the oldest and highly respected international coach training programs. I also have training as a Designing Your Life Coach. I have more than 750 hours of coaching experience with real clients outside of any training. Credibility, trust, and confidentiality are the cornerstones of coaching.

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Ready to make an impact? Then let’s book a

FREE Coaching Conversation

YOU, if you’re committed to making a difference in your corner of the world. As a leader or aspiring leader, if you desire change, then sign-up and participate in this Win-Win.

Your Win:
Insight and greater clarity about your next steps forward around an opportunity or a current challenge.

My Win:
Living my purpose—facilitating change! Plus, I enjoy sharing the experience and power of coaching with others who might not have experienced it.

Your time. Think of it as investment in our shared futures.