I have enjoyed a very long relationship with a great love of mine. I thought we made such a great couple. I have been so faithful, basking in the presence of my love and longing for even greater closeness. 

My Love Has Deceived Me:

But in recent years I’ve discovered my love has deceived me. The image I’ve held of this decades-long relationship has been exposed. I’ve seen the hollowness at its core. My burning desire for this relationship has closed me off to so many of life’s experiences. Plus, that long-term desire has made me vulnerable to the fears associated with losing it.

Even after the deception has been discovered and the hollowness revealed, I’ve been only gradually releasing the hold on this intense love.

  • Have deception and hollowness been more comfortable than letting go and embracing the unknown?
  • I know that’s a common practice, this holding on to what’s comfortable and familiar, even when it fails us. That’s how scary our imagination convinces us the unknown will be.

Time to Confess and Let Go:

But I’m now ready to step out publicly and share my intention to release my love to begin the process of disentangling myself. I know it will take time. But I still have too much life to live to keep leaning into the safety and security of what I know.

In this parting of ways, I want to introduce you to my love—Being Right & Others’ Recognition for Being Right.

Ending this relationship is scary. Yet, I’m also giving myself lots of compassion and acceptance during this painful phase of separation and severing.

  • I’m NOT letting go of my values, my commitments, my business, or my passions.
  • But I’m going to live into these in new ways.
  • I’m going to learn more and more about trusting my inner wisdom.
  • I’m going to learn if my fears will be realized.
  • And if those fears materialize, I’m going to learn what’s on the other side of them.

Is This the RIGHT Decision?

Am I making “the right” decision? Hey, are you trying to test me?

I’m not fooled that quickly or that easily. I can’t possibly answer that question because I feel there aren’t right and wrong decisions but rather decisions that unfold to give me new opportunities for learning and growing and deciding again. 

Inspiration for the Journey

New adventures are fun as well as scary. I want to kick it off with a poem by Kent M. Keith, The Paradoxical Commandments. Written more than ½ a century ago, these commandments are as challenging and relevant today as ever. These are so inspiring they have been attributed to Mother Teresa. These paradoxical commandments feel like a great fit for my commitment to severe my long-term relationship with Being Right & Others’ Recognition for Being Right!

Wrap Up!

I hope you are as inspired by Kent M. Keith’s Paradoxical Commandments, as I am. I’m committed to ending my long-term relationship with Being Right & Others’ Recognition for Being Right! It will be an adventure, and I’m ready for it! 


Photo by Steve Halama on Unsplash