About Me

Janet G. Hudson, Ph.D.

I admit it–

In my early years teaching, I prepared for class relentlessly. I wanted my peers’ respect and acknowledgement of my expertise. I wanted to entertain and inspire students while transforming their world view. I wanted to excel, make my scholarly mark, be loved by students, and meet everyone’s expectations. I wanted to be a real college professor!

While daydreams of being a remarkably inspiring college professor filled my imagination, the reality of life was impossibly long hours, trouble sleeping, anxiety, stress, and resentment of others’ success because I was an instructor and not a “real professor.”

Fueled by Fear

My driving desire to do everything right, avoid criticism, and generally be perfect seduced me into setting impossibly high standards, which fueled a cycle of avoidance followed by intense work sprinkled in with plenty of harsh self-criticism. Fueling it all was fearfear that I:

Wasn’t capable or worthy of teaching at the college level
Would disappoint those depending on me
Would lose my temporary job, never get a “real” one, and never make the transformations I imagined

What I didn’t have was confidence.


Confidence to accept where I was while growing toward my vision.


Confidence to collaborate with others and stretch myself rather than furiously work in isolation to produce something worthy of others recognition


Confidence to believe that I could make significant contributions without a specific job title or professional status

What I know now, decades later, is that the confidence I needed was waiting on the other side of taming the inner chaos.

My journey of taming inner chaos began to free me from the power of perfectionism. That journey equipped me with life skills to combat self-doubt, fear of criticism, avoidance and the frustration of thinking my efforts didn’t matter.

With my chaos-taming life skills, I became free to be my most authentic self, make the world better, and have fun doing it.

Yes, my journey included becoming a tenured university professor, winning two teaching awards, publishing a scholarly book that won an award, stepping into collaborative leadership positions, leading initiatives to transform university teaching, and transiting from higher education to professional coaching.
Now I coach those on a mission, those striving in service to others to make their mark.

Is that you?

Do you have a strong sense of responsibility and personal integrity?
Do you see the potential for making something better?
Do you love solving problems, especially if the solution opens new opportunities and possibilities?
Do you also ever get overwhelmed with it all, experience self-doubt, indecision, and sometimes dreamy inaction?

If so, then you’re ready to tame the inner chaos!

Discover your Path to Confidence, Clarity & Calm so you can . . .

  • Quit fearing imperfection
  • Trust yourself more
  • Extend more compassion to yourself
  • Laugh at the non-sense your inner critic whispers, or maybe shouts
  • Risk experimenting with that long-neglected idea
  • Create, Write, Call, Ask, Tell, Leave, or even Accept

NO, I DON’T live a life free of challenge and frustrations.

The difference?

Now when doubt, fear, and uncertainty emerge, (and they always will) I’m not derailed.

I CAN SHIFT from confusion and resistance to clarity and focus. I can be with myself—walking, driving, sitting—without the need for constant stimulation to quieten the stream of critical thoughts. I’ve defanged perfectionism, no longer accepting the lies she whispers. Plus, I no longer think my greatest skill is finding the problem in everything, rather now I believe I can find possibilities embedded in problems.

Why would you want to tame your inner chaos?


So you can discover the confidence needed to embrace your bold vision.


So you can get on with the nitty-gritty of taking consistent action to make that vision real

By taming the inner chaos, you can make your journey as rewarding as your success!

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